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Alternative Petroleum Technologies (APT) is a publicly held environmental company that features a proprietary emulsion technology for a broad range of petroleum products. Emulsified fuels are stable mixtures of water and petroleum products that can be less expensive and cleaner to combust than the traditional fuels they replace. APT holds license rights to the only emulsification technology of its kind that has been verified by the California Air Resources Board and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States of America. APT uses third parties to construct and manufacture its proprietary blending units and additive and holds over 100 patents and patents applications worldwide. APT offers a range of environmental technologies that include emulsions of petroleum products such as diesel and fuel oils as well as residual and waste oils. APT is also developing other environmental related technologies that allow APT's scientists to leverage their expertise.

APT has developed technologies and protocols for the manufacture of highly stable and cost effective fuel emulsions. The production of these emulsions involves the use of proprietary chemical additive packages, mechanical blending processes and "know-how". The precise combination and application of these components produces fuel emulsions that are robust and stable and are able to tolerate the heat and pressure to which fuels are subjected prior to combustion in a diesel engine, furnace or boiler. The unique combustion characteristics of emulsified fuels only occur if the fuel is an emulsion at the time of combustion. APT technologies reliably produce stable emulsified fuels of consistent quality.

APT's full range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products includes:



Diesel Oil Emulsion (DOE)

Mainly utilized in transportation sector related applications, which include the following:

  • On-road and off-road fleet usage
  • Farm equipment consumption
  • Private vehicle usage
  • Marine applications
  • Locomotives

Other uses include: large stationary engines, combustion turbines, boilers and burners

Emulsified Biodiesel (EBD)

Replacement fuel for conventional petroleum products

Residual Oil Emulsion (ROE) /
Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE)

FOE is mainly used in industrial applications as a direct and economical substitute for HFO. ROE is typically utilized as a source of power for large industrial boilers, electricity boilers and slow speed engines.