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Energy Information Administration
California Air Resources Board
Environmental Protection Agency
National Biodiesel Board
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Tools & Resources
Useful Links
Information Description
California Air Resources Board Alternative Diesel Fuels - Information on alternative diesels and emulsion products
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Biodiesel Emissions Calculator - Estimates the levels of emissions related to different concentrations of biodiesel
National Biodiesel Board Diesel Retrofit Technology Verification - Illustration of diesel retrofit technologies approved for use by the US ESPA
Biodiesel Emissions Calculator - Estimates the percentage and pounds of emission reductions associated with the use of various biodiesel blend concentrations
DieselNet Fuel Regulations - Summary of the recognized fuel quality standards for diesel oil emulsions in Europe

APT Information Leaflets
Introduction to APT
APT Folding Leaflet
A Biodiesel Solution to a Regulatory Conflict
APT & Navipac FOE Flyer
APT Diesel Emulsion Fuels Brochure (Italian)
FAQs on APT Emulsion Fuels (Italian)
Circolare N. 28/D - Tax Incentive for Emulsions (Italian)
Decreto Ministeriale - Directive for Emulsions (Italian)

APT Reports
Document Date
Emulsified Biodiesel Fuel Operations at the Port of Los Angeles (Link) Aug 29, 2011
Power Engineering Magazine - Triple Crown Article Feb, 2009
Power2007 - Boiler Emission Control with FOE Technology Jul 17-19, 2007
Optimal Control of Particulate Emissions in Diesel Engines Sep 27, 2007

APT Technical Presentations
Presentation Conference Name Details
APT Emulsion Fuels Environmental Management Event Sponsored by the Port Authority of Genoa Sala dei Capitani, Palace of St. George, Genoa, Italy
(Dec 14, 2011)
Improved Combustion of Heavy Oils & Emission Control for Sustainable Fuels 1st Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition 2011 Manama, Kingdom
of Bahrain
(Oct 23-26, 2011)
APT Fuels Clean Air at Port of Los Angeles 1st Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition 2011 Manama, Kingdom
of Bahrain
(Oct 23-26, 2011)
Aplicación de Combustibles Emulsionados para calderos, motores y turbinas (Spanish / English & Spanish) The Green Expo 2011
Mexico City, Mexico
(Sep 27, 2011)
Reversing the increase in NOX emissions in a diesel engine associated with B20 fuel relative to diesel and improving the overall regulated emissions 2011 JSAE / SAE International Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Kyoto, Japan
(Aug 31, 2010)
Emulsified Fuel Technology for Boilers, Engines, Turbines (English / Chinese) 2011 China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference Beijing, China
(Jun 8, 2010)

Note: EcoEnergy Solutions lnc. is the predecessor company of APT lnc.