Our Strengths

AET’s emulsion technology is globally recognized as an industry leader and a pioneer in the field of emulsified fuels. AET’s unique understanding and know-how in the fuel emulsion technology allow it to provide one-stop solutions to customers.

Full Range of Customized Emulsion Technologies

AET is the only company in the world that offers the full range of customized emulsion technologies for virtually all petroleum products.

  • We offer technologies and expertise to help operators of compression-ignited engines and industrial boilers meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements
  • We are meeting the challenge of providing cleaner renewable fuel with a new generation of emulsified biofuels that do not have the problem of elevated NOx emission which is an obstacle for biofuel deployment
  • We are delivering products with optimized combustion characteristics which enhance thermal and energy efficiencies
  • We help customers understand specific emission issues, develop technology packages aimed at solving them, and assist with testing and implementation of solutions
  • We are developing new ways to help international power plant operators meet the constantly growing demand for electricity with heavier oil products that are made to burn cleanly, more efficiently and economically

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

With more than 100 worldwide patents and patents applications, AET is the worldwide master licensee of the world’s most extensive emulsified fuel technology platform. AET’s technology has been licensed and sub-licensed to a number of international companies.

Using its protected technologies, AET has developed products that:

  • Provide economical ways to address the increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations globally;
  • Enhance combustion efficiency of fuel oil for industrial furnaces and boilers;
  • Substitute water for expensive light distillates (i.e. diesel) in producing heavy fuel oil (HFO); and
  • Reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, the key hurdle to global adoption of biofuel and biodiesel based products.
  • Remove sulfur from petroleum distillates at a lower cost and with less impact on the environment than the current HDS system used by refineries worldwide.

AET’s technology covers the trade secrets and know-how that has been accumulated by seventeen years of development and more than $50 million (USD) of investment.

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