South America


AET has executed a joint venture (“JV”) agreement with its local partner Navipac S.A. (Navipac), a fuel distributor, to introduce and promote emulsified fuels in the region. Navipac has been supplying petroleum products and providing bunkering services in South America for over 50 years, and is one of the largest private transport owner and operators in its native country. Under specific agreements, the JV is focused on delivery of products within three different markets: marine, industrial and vehicle applications. As part of an elaborate demonstration facility, AET has installed blending equipment on the local partner’s premises. This facility has allowed AET to showcase its emulsion technology to the transportation and marine sectors.

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Demonstration Facility at Navipac Premises

Figure 1:

Fuel Production


Figure 2:

Observation of Emulsion

Production Proces

Figure 3:

Discussion of

Manufactured DOE

Figure 4:

Laboratory Analysis of

Manufactured Product

Figure 5:

Emulsified Fuel Tanks


Figure 6:

10 Gallons per Minute

Blending Unit

Figure 7:

Automated Control System


Figure 8:

Storage of Diesel,

Water and Additive

Figure 9:

Company General Manager

initiating the Blender

Figure 10:

Watching Fuel Production


State-of-the-Art Laboratory

To build brand recognition and showcase our technical expertise, the JV is establishing a state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind ROE laboratory with the most technically recognized University in the country.

Figure 11:

Quality Control Lab


Figure 12:

Laboratory Equipment –


Figure 13:

Laboratory Equipment –

Water Content

Figure 14:

Generator, Tanks & Blender


Figure 15:

Generator Providing Ancillary Power

to JV Partner Headquarters


Marine Application of AET Technology

Demonstration of marine usage applications are underway.

Figure 16:

Marine Usage Testing Vessel

Figure 17:

Temporary Tank for DOE

Figure 18:

Aerial View of Engine

Figure 19:

Diesel Engine

Figure 20:

Ancillary Fuel Delivery System

Figure 21:

Ancillary Fuel Delivery System

Figure 22:


Figure 23:

Data Capture

Figure 24:

Ship running on DOE

Figure 25:

Ship Docking on DOE


2011 International Environmental Summit in Ecuador

Figure 26:

Jack Carter Presenting

Figure 27:

Jack Carter Presenting

Figure 28:

Jack Carter Presenting

Figure 29:

Jack Carter Q&A

Figure 30:

Jack Carter